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FATHUL MEKKAH ( The Opening of Mecca )

BackgroundIn the year 628, about 1400 Muslims went to Mecca to perform Hajj. They prepare animal sacrifices to be offered to the Quraysh. even so, alerting troops to restrain Muslims from entering Mecca. At this time, the Arabs really prepare for military force Islam on the rise. Prophet Muhammad tried to avoid bloodshed in Mecca because Mecca is a holy place.Eventually the Muslims agree that diplomacy is better than war. Genesis is written in Sura al-Fath, verse 4:It means: "that means that God give peace to their hearts so that their faith can grow."AgreementOutline Hudaibiyah Agreement provides: "In the name of God. This is an agreement between Muhammad
(SAW) and Suhail bin 'Amr, Quraish representative.
No war within ten years. Anyone who wants to follow Muhammad (SAW), is allowed freely. And anyone who wants to follow the Quraysh, allowed
freely. A young man, who is fatherless or berpenjaga, if you follow Muhammad (SAW) without permission, it will be returned to his father and guardian. If one follows the Quraish, he will not be refunded. This year Muhammad (pbuh) will return to Madinah. But next year, they can go to Mecca, to perform tawaf there for three days. During three days, the Quraysh would retreat to the hills. they must be unarmed as he entered Mecca. "Benefits of agreementHudaibiyah benefits to Muslims are:• Free in fulfilling Islam• There is no terror of Quraish• Inviting external empires like Ethiopia to IslamResultHudaibiyah Agreement apparently violated by the Quraish, but Muslims can be countered with the conquest of Mecca (Makkah Fathul) in 630 ADBerpasukan Muslims around 10,000 troops. In Mecca, they only met a few obstacles. After that, they undermine all idolatrous symbols in front of the KaabaFathul MeccaFathul Mecca (the conquest of Mecca), the events of the fall of Mecca to the Muslims and the forgiveness of the Prophet Muhammad against the Quraish. When the Prophet entered the Haram destroy 360 pieces of idols. When prayers Prophet ordered Bilal to raise the Adhan on the Kaaba.Fathul Mecca of betrayal caused by the Quraysh violated the agreement Hudaibiyah. Cause of the people of Bani Bakr requested assistance guns on leaders of Quraysh to attack those who have declared themselves Khuza'ah to join the Muslims. Though the agreement Hudaibiyah, whichever gets the protection to vote confidence in determining the course of his life.People Khuza'ah surrounded day and night by the Banu Bakr and eventually killed 20 tribesmen Khuza'ah. This event is presented by Amr bin Salim Al-Khuzai the Prophet. After hearing the sad news was the Prophet prepared to undertake the liberation forces against the city of Mecca in Mecca Fathul familiar with the events.Events "Fathul makkah" occurred in mid-Ramadan, some 10,000 Muslims came to Makkah from all over. That's when the victory phenomenon that is unrivaled anywhere in history, where all enemies, until its leaders accept and follow the religious opponents. This does not happen but in the history of Islam. This victory is the victory of faith essentially, sentences of monotheism and not individual triumph or revenge.After the Fathul Mecca, the city of Mecca at the mercy of the Muslims in the month of Ramadan precisely to 8 H. At that time the Quraish in droves embraced Islam. Various delegates kabillah around Medina came to the Messenger for Berba'iat (oath of allegiance to the Messenger of Allah) and Islam.The purpose Fathul Mecca:1. Giving a lesson on the importance of an agreement Quraysh.2. Cleaning of the idolatry of Mecca.3. Liberate mankind from idolatry and return to the worship of God.Prophet went to Mecca with Muslims comprising the Anshor, immigrants, Bani Aslam, Banu Mazinah, Ghifar Bani, Bani Jahinah and totaled 10,000. The amount is added to the clans who joined during a trip to the city of Mecca.Up in the Azh Zhahran Marr, the group stopped by Rasulullah Abu Sofyan and his entourage. Prophet and Al-Abbas dialogue, which ultimately Abu Sufyan embraced Islam with his entourage.After Abu Sufyan to Islam, the Prophet advised Abu Sofyan, which read:1. Who came Haram it safe2. Who came in the door and close the door it safe3. Who enters the house of Abu Sofyan it safe.Prophet continued on his way to the city of Mecca. Arriving in the area Dzi Tuwa, he divided his army into four parts.* Right-wing forces led by Khalid bin Walid.* Left-wing forces led by Zubair bin Awwam.* The west led by Sa'ad bin Ubadah* Troops Hill Hind led by Abu Ubaidah and Messenger.After that, the Prophet ordered that:• Not allowed to do a fight or battle in the city of Mecca. Because the land of Mecca is Haram. Except for self-defense.• When entering the city of Mecca, chanting Takbir should be a symbol of victory and salvation.Prophet repeated reading of Al-Fath with a melodious voice and touch. The event is known as the Mecca Fathul events. Which means the victory of Muslims over the city of Mecca.This is the promise of God as written in God's word in Surat an-Nasr 1-3.1. Once Allah's help and victory comes.2. And you see the people enter Allah's religion in droves.3. But celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and ask His forgiveness. Indeed he maha giver repentance.On this occasion, he also ordered Bilal to call for prayers.With Fathul Mecca, the city of Mecca became radiant with the light of Islam once again managed to destroy any kind of idol.After the events Fathul Mecca, the Muslims is increasing. This is the final round of the Prophet after thorough da'wa in communicating the message to the public. In the year 10 H Prophet sent Muadh bin Jabbal to Yemen. He said: "O Muadh, perhaps you will not see me again after this year, and maybe you will pass masjidku and this grave," Instantaneous Muadh wept for fear of parting with the Prophet.On Saturday, 25 Dzulqoidah 10 H, the Prophet announced his intention to carry out Hajj Mabrur. Hajj is known with Haji Haji Wada or separation. On that day the Prophet with 90,000 Muslims traveling to Mecca.After arriving at the Masjid al-Haram, he execute:• Sa'i• Thawaf• Settled in the hills of Mecca.LAST MESSAGE Rasulullah• Keep establish and maintain a prayer.• Never leave the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah

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